Surekha’s Journey: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Education

Surekha, an 11-year-old girl from Magdampur Tanda, a small village in the Yadgiri District.
Surekha’s parents, Shankar and Devibai, are hardworking labourers who migrate to
Maharashtra for employment for most of the year. Despite facing numerous challenges,
Surekha’s determination to receive an education remained unwavering. Surekha used to
face disruptions in her studies due to the family’s migratory lifestyle, especially during the
rainy season. However, the intervention of Prajayatna brought a ray of hope into her life.
Prajayatna facilitator, along with Mr. Virendra, the headmaster of the Government Higher
Primary School, visited Surekha’s home and proposed a solution to ensure her uninterrupted
education. The heartfelt conversation resulted in a decision that would change Surekha’s
life. It was agreed that Surekha would stay in the Tanda (hamlet) with her grandmother,
while her parents continued their labour work in Maharashtra. Prajayatna promised to
provide all the necessary support and facilities for Surekha’s studies. The teacher and
Prajayatna facilitator would call Surekha’s father once every 15 days, providing regular
updates on her progress and performance. This communication helped to boost Shankar’s
confidence in his daughter’s learning and motivated him to support her education.
The impact of Prajayatna’s Quality Learning Programme became evident as Surekha began
experiencing remarkable changes in her academic and personal life. Here are some of the
notable transformations: 1. Regular Attendance: Surekha started attending school diligently,
without missing a single day. This newfound commitment to her education demonstrated her
growing dedication and sense of responsibility. 2. Active Learning: Surekha actively engaged
in her studies, constructing her own sentences and reading fluently. Her enhanced language
skills showcased her eagerness to learn and her ability to apply her knowledge. 3.
Mathematical Proficiency: Surekha developed a strong grasp of mathematical concepts and
willingly assisted her classmates in their learning journey. 4. Cultural Participation: Surekha’s
confidence grew as she actively participated in various school events such as Independence
Day, School Anniversary, and Republic Day programs. Prajayatna’s intervention didn’t just
transform Surekha’s life; it also brought about significant changes in her parent’s mindset
and actions. Witnessing their children’s academic progress, Shankar and Devibai made the
courageous decision to discontinue their migration and focus on supporting their children’s
education. They now engage in labour work in the Tanda itself and actively participate in
their children’s learning journey. The family has created a supportive environment at home,
with regular discussions about their children’s education and dedicated time for learning

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