About us

Our Approach

The Indian education system faces challenges at the primary and early childhood care levels, which necessitate a comprehensive approach focused on holistic learning, community ownership and stakeholder engagement to bring about a systemic change. Prajayatna aims to address these issues by building capacities and empowering the various stakeholders, advocating for meaningful participation, establishing linkages, and fostering a supportive ecosystem for a meaningful education.

Building an Ecosystem for Learning​

To support the learning process, Prajayatna envisions the creation of an ecosystem that nurtures holistic development and active learning. This ecosystem encompasses various elements, such as supportive school environments, trained teachers, engaged parents and communities and involved bureaucracy.
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Competency based holistic Learning

Despite heightened awareness and concerted efforts from various stakeholders, a significant number of children continue to struggle with poor learning outcomes. The entrenched issues within the traditional system are evident in its narrow perspective on intelligence, prioritizing rote memorization, information transfer, and exam preparation.
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