From unruly to a curious learner

Satvik is a 4 year old boy, was initially known to be difficult and had trouble interacting with others. He would often get angry, bite, hit and throw objects at other children in the Anganwadi, and was reluctant to participate in any activities. He would sit alone in the corridor and refuse to mingle with other children. He would not even eat the food provided, including milk, chikki, and lunch. As a result, his attendance was also very irregular.

However, Prameela, the teacher, decided to step in and help Satvik. She spent time understanding his behaviour and started engaging him in his favourite activities alone. Gradually, as he began to show interest, he was integrated with the other children. The teacher showed patience and compassion, helping Satvik to build trust and confidence in himself. Prajayatna also provided training to the teacher and helper to improve their teaching capabilities. As a result of the time and effort invested in him, Satvik’s behaviour began to change. He started interacting, playing, and participating in all the activities with the other children. He listened attentively and began to enjoy singing, vegetable printing, drawing, playing with beads, and building blocks. Moreover, he started having meals along with the other children.

Satvik’s attendance became regular, and he began to thrive in his Anganwadi. His confidence and social skills improved significantly, and he became an active participant in the classroom. Prajayatna’s efforts to provide quality education and support to Satvik transformed his life and gave him the opportunity to grow and develop into a happy, healthy child. Now, Satvik’s parents are extremely happy.
His mother said, “I was very worried about my son’s behaviour, but now he loves to learn and continues to engage in activities at home. I feel very happy and I am extremely grateful to Prajayatna and the Anganwadi teacher and helper. It just goes to show that with a little bit of help, any child.

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