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Grade 2 – Math – Kannada

  • G2.MALO1.Compare and classify pictures/ objects based on multiple factors
  • G2.MALO2. Apply seriation(more than 3 levels) in ordering (measurement – size, weight, capacity, numbers,etc).
  • G2.MALO3. Sequence of events in terms of days(yesterday, today, tomorrow).
  • G2.MALO4. Create patterns in objects, pictures,etc. Observe patterns in nature.
  • G2.MALO5. Identify, Count, write numerals upto 999; compare numbers upto 100 using place value.
  • G2.MALO6. Do two digit addition and subtraction( with and without carry over), solve word problems ( one step and two step).
  • G2.MALO7. Identify different shapes in given picture or objects (Composition of shapes).
  • G2.MALO8. Identify standard tools and units of measurements.
  • G2.MALO9. Identify and recognise days of weeks and months of year.
  • G2.MALO10. Identify coins and notes upto 100.
  • G2.MALO11. Solve questions related to basic skills like count, compare on the given data record in form of pictograph.

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