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Grade 1 – Math – Kannada

  • G1.MALO1. Compare and classify pictures/ objects based on two factors.
  • G1.MALO2. Seriate objects (up to at least 3 levels) based on one criteria e.g size, color, weight.
  • G1.MALO3. sequence actions/ events based on durations of the day like morning, afternoon, evening and night.
  • G1.MALO4. Extend patterns in objects, pictures,etc.
  • G1.MALO5. Identify, Count, write numerals upto 99; Compare numbers upto 20.
  • G1.MALO6. Do one digit addition and subtraction, solve simple word problems.
  • G1.MALO6. Identify 3D shapes. Match and sort objects based on their shapes.
  • G1.MALO8. Measure and estimate length, Mass, capacity of objects using non-standard units and compare them.
  • G1.MALO9. Read time in clock using hours.
  • G1.MALO10. Identify coins and notes upto 20.
  • G1.MALO11. Collect data related to real things and make a list.

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