Prajayatna has started working in Shikaripara block of Dumka district of Jharkhand from January, 2018 in association with PRADAN on the same lines as that in Gumla. The last quarter has been spent mostly in understanding the situation of primary education in the block along with getting acquainted with the different structures of both the education system and in the villages.

The team has started collecting relevant data related to schools and Self help groups of PRADAN, etc. The Local Education Governance Data (LEGD) which is the school data, once collected will give the organization a basic understanding of the issues being faced by the schools of the district. Data regarding number of SHGs, VOs, etc will help the organization in understanding the spread and reach of PRADAN in Shikaripara and will help in devising a good intervention strategy for schools in association with these groups.

Towards this, an orientation meeting was organized with Block Level Federation members of Shikaripara on 21st of February. The meeting aimed at building basic relation with the didis of the Bock level Federation and introducing the idea and mission of Prajayatna to them and suggesting how their collective strength can be utilized for bringing change in the schools of the block through community participation.

In the month of March, work on orienting Village Organizations on the issue of education started. Meetings have been conducted with 6 VOs in March in which a total of 144 women participated. Some of the school-issues that have been identified in these meetings are lack of adequate number of teachers, poor condition of school buildings, improper disbursement of mid day meals and lack of basic facilities such as toilets and drinking water.