The teachers in the circles have obtained a fair understanding of conducting learning activities as per the concept based curriculum set by the DWCD and are making effort to implement the plan prepared in the collective meetings. 

Five teachers’ collective meetings have taken place in the last quarter. The teachers were divided in small groups and they made plans for concepts such as seasons, our country and vehicles with the assistance of the Prajayatna facilitator. They were requested to maintain individual portfolio of the children who would be passing out from the anganwadi as it will serve as her learning profile and will help the new teacher in the primary school in understanding her learning status more properly.

Discussion with the Department

Prajayatna has been interacting with department officials on a regular basis and all efforts are made to make plans jointly with them for the development of anganwadis. Department officials have shared plans for building new premises for Pudukalahattin Center 1. They have also informed that grant has been released for repair work of Lakumapura 1st Center by DWCD as a consequence of our regular interaction with them.