Teacher collectives are meetings organized with the teachers of 75 selected government schools in the districts for Kalikayatna learning initiative. These collectives help in creating a space where teachers collaborate with each other for devising methods for innovative learning of their students. They develop ways to facilitate a concept better, address challenges that they face in their specific learning environments, review and adopt learning plans and generate feedback for improving the practices of the Kalikayatna approach.

Four teacher collectives were organized from April to June in Chitrakoot and Bahraich. Filling up of Evaluation Formats 1 and 2 for children with disabilities was discussed with the teachers in these collectives. 67 individual teachers participated in these collectives.

These formats have been developed by Prajayatna and are used to track the progress of children with difficulties on their social, physical, language and academic aspects. All the aspects have been divided into the four stages of Evolving, Interested, Involved and Self-Directed and indicate where the child stands in these aspects and the child is assessed to see the progress of the child.