Quarterly Newsletter : July - September, 2023


In our latest updates, we're excited to share progress in empowering Anganwadi workers and teachers. Training sessions in Bengaluru covered the new National Education Policy and foundational learning. We also wrapped up a dynamic 2-day language development training for teachers in Yelahanka, engaging 137 Anganwadis. Parents in the area actively participated in meetings, learning about early education and supporting their child's learning journey at home. The positive feedback we received from parents speaks volumes. Additionally, Prajayatna is working on baseline assessments in Anganwadis to ensure  tailored learning strategies. We joined in celebrating National Nutrition Month, emphasizing the importance of healthy nutritious food for child development. We also collaborated with Oracle employees to transform an Anganwadi.

Capacity building for Anganwadi teachers

Training was conducted for 60 Anganwadi workers in Bengaluru. During these training sessions, we focused on two essential aspects: the new National Education Policy (NEP) and foundational learning. The significance of ECCE in the policy was highlighted along with the role of AWC in the context of the policy.

Language development training for Anganwadi Teachers

We concluded an enriching 2-day training on language development for Anganwadi teachers in our project area of Yelahanka, Bengaluru. Four sessions for four circle areas were organized, bringing together teachers from 137 Anganwadis. Together, we dove into the importance of language development for children aged 3-6. We are thrilled to have helped these dedicated Anganwadi teachers understand the different stages and skills of language development which is crucial in setting the foundation for young children. We also facilitated a hands-on TLM (Teaching-Learning Material) making session where the teachers learnt how to craft enchanting puppets and masks for storytelling, igniting creativity and engagement in children!

Parental engagement to ensure development of children

Parents in Yelahanka, Bengaluru, actively participated in the meetings Prajayatna organized. At these meetings, we teach parents about early education, what children learn at the Anganwadis, and how they can support their child’s learning at home. By involving parents, we empower them to support their child's learning journey both at the Anganwadi and at home.


This meeting has helped me understand the benefits of early education and how I can help my child learn at home too.

- Nisarga (Singapura AWC, Abbigere)


This parent’s meeting has helped me understand how to take good care of my child and support his learning at home. Before joining the Anganwadi, my son was hardly speaking, he would not interact with other children. Now he speaks well, loves to interact and has made many friends too!

- Laya (Singapura AWC, Abbigere )



Understanding the level of development of children - baseline assessment in AWC

Prajayatna conducts these assessments which involve interactive activities that not only looks at the cognitive skills of the children, but also their socio - emotional skills as well. The data collected will help us understand the needs of the teachers and help us create better learning strategies and training modules for the teachers.

Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Anganwadi teachers in our project areas in Bengaluru, celebrated Poshan Maah 2023 (National Nutrition Month). The teachers set up meetings with parents, discussed the importance of nutrition for child development and discussed ways for parents to create healthier meals for children


Latest updates from Uttar Pradesh include: A day-long camp organized in collaboration with the education department and ALIMCO successfully provided specialized assistive devices to 201 children with disabilities, addressing their specific needs. Teacher collective meetings in Bahraich and Chitrakoot emphasized strategies for effective classroom facilitation, fostering a collaborative environment. Prajayatna's representation at a state-level consultation, chaired by the Director of the Department of Women and Child Development, underscored our commitment to understanding and addressing challenges in collaboration with organizations working in Anganwadis across the state.

Camp organized for Children with disabilities to receive assistive devices

The education department and ALIMCO organized a one-day measurement camp for assistive devices at Chitrakoot Inter College in Uttar Pradesh. Prajayatna’s involvement in the camp included not only providing support to the team but also ensuring the participation of children by encouraging parents to bring their children to the camp.

281 children with disabilities from various blocks registered for this camp. The ALIMCO team assessed these children and found that 201 were eligible to receive assistive devices that will cater to their specific needs, including chairs, kits, canes, and hearing aids, which will enable them to live a dignified life.

Teachers meeting

Teacher collective meetings were held for 51 teachers in 2 clusters each of Bahraich and Chitrakoot for teachers fo Std 1 to 5. The teachers and the Academic Resource Person came together to discuss challenges and share insights and ideas. The main objective of the collective was to get the teachers to become effective facilitators in the classroom. Better ways to facilitate learning and keep children curious & excited was discussed. The session was also to help the teachers define learning outcomes through the mapping of the concepts for the month. Effective lesson planning was also done by planning activities according to the learning outcomes. They realised that this helped them in making everyday effective. This included accommodating children with disabilities in the classrooms and helping all children succeed in class.

The objective is to enable teachers to facilitate the children in an active learning process that will encourage them to ask questions, explore topics on their own, develop their capabilities and develop the capacity for self-directed learning.

Prajayatna participated in a State-Level Consultation in Uttar Pradesh

Our Chief Functionary, Mary Punnoose, represented Prajayatna in a state level consultation in Uttar Pradesh. The consultation was chaired by the Director of the Department of Women and Child Development. The gathering brought together various organizations working with Anganwadis across the state in Uttar Pradesh.

The primary aim of the meeting was to gain a deeper understanding of the work being carried out by these organizations and the challenges they face on the ground along with working in collaboration with the state. The meeting also aimed to explore how the different tools and resources offered by these organizations could be shared and consolidated to prevent duplication.

We are excited about the possibilities that emerge from this collaboration and look forward to contributing and ensuring a bright future for our children!

Oracle employees bring colour and life to the Abbigere Anganwadi!

On August 5th, a team of 23 enthusiastic volunteers from Oracle embarked on a mission to transform the Abbigere Anganwadi in Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

Thanks to the dedication of the volunteers, the Anganwadi now boasts vibrant, cheerful yellow walls that instantly brighten the surroundings. The children are excited to come to the Anganwadi every day and are in awe of the transformation. The blackboard looks completely new! The garden has been transformed into a thriving kitchen garden, bursting with life and colour. The freshly grown spinach ready to harvest from the garden is now being used by the assistant teacher to prepare nutritious meals for the children.

Prajayatna extends our heartfelt thanks to all of them for their efforts in making this transformation possible. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with Oracle volunteers again for more uplifting experiences like this one. Together, we can continue making a positive impact and create brighter futures for children. 

Make a difference

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