Learning Doesn't Stop
Ghar Pe Seekho Sikhao Program

In the times of COVID when schools and Anganwadi Centres(AWC) have been shut down, we have started initiatives to engage parents and the local community so that learning continues at home. Ghar Pe Seekho Sikao has been designed to allow children to learn new things through theme-based learning and focusing on practical applications in their lives.

The program focusses on integrating academic subjects with rich local knowledge, resources and contexts, simplifying the teaching process for parents. Through this program, we have learned that parents are capable of facilitating and engaging their children in meaningful conversations and learning activities, if given sufficient support and resources. The parents who have been stuck at home due to the AWCs closing are struggling to find ways to engage and ensure their children's development. These parents have been the major beneficiaries of the Anganwadi focused program.

Teacher Collective Meetings

We conducted meetings with the government school teachers across the Asoha and Kapseti clusters in Chitrakoot district, and the Bambaura and Badrauli clusters in Bahraich district, in rural Uttar Pradesh. The initial set of meetings were focussed on providing program updates during the lockdown period and the next set on the theme-based structure of the remote learning worksheets as part of the COVID program - 'Ghar Pe Seekho Sikhao', and how to integrate a child-centric learning methodology irrespective of being virtual.


Workbook distribution drive in Jharkhand by Prajayatna and Govt. Education officials

A workbook distribution drive to continue and improve home learning was conducted across 198 schools impacting 10,000 children working with Prajayatna in Raidih, Ghaghra, and Shikaripara villages of Jharkhand. The BDO - Mithilesh Kumar Singh, BPO - Dildar Singh, BEEO - Basant Kumar Singh from Raidih, Jharkhand presided over the event in Raidih and spoke about COVID-19, its effects, and how we can use masks and personal hygiene to curb the spread of the virus.

Created SAMAGRA, Training Manual for School Development & Monitoring Committee

In collaboration with DSERT (Department of State Educational Research and Training), we have supported the development of the manual, and planning and executing the training program. Mallikarjunaiah, Senior Programme Officer at Prajayatna led the Programme coordination and management with the state department.

The training was done on December 7th and 8t, for the head teachers of Govt. schools on Day 1 and the Block level education officials on Day 2 through virtual teleconference. The next iteration of training for the SDMC members will be carried out at the school level.

We recently launched our Instagram page and have started creating a digital strategy which is focussed on spreading the message about our programs, how we impact the lives of children, stakeholders and the community.

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Chetan Needs Your Help

Chetan was born with a tumour at the base of his tailbone, and due to this never attended school. Initially, he couldn’t even walk on his own, was fearful of strangers, and didn’t trust anyone. Prajayatna intervened and convinced him to attend school. However, he acted out against anyone sitting near him in class violently, had separation anxiety, and so his mother was asked to attend sessions with him for the first 6 months.

Trained by Prajayatna, Chetan’s teacher created an inclusive classroom where he could learn to express himself on his own as well as collaboratively with others. The teacher used multiple techniques like big group discussions coupled with small group learning and individual practice sessions. Over time, Chetan started trusting others and started to express himself, share his thoughts, and collaborate with his classmates.

Now, Chetan has not only started to walk on his own, but he also attends classes without his mother by his side, has massively improved his confidence, made friends, and learned to read and write as well.

We have over 6000 more Chetans who are in need of our intervention.

As we gear up for the re-opening of schools, Prajayatna is looking to raise INR 10,00,000 for the Kalikayatna initiative, to help provide 75 schools, 6000+ children, 230+ teachers, and stakeholders in Uttar Pradesh with a holistic, capability-based, and inclusive learning experience.

Every rupee donated will go towards funding learning materials, capacity building of the various stakeholders, COVID-19 masks, and sanitisers while also sustaining current efforts to provide remote-learning resources, and community engagement aids.

This holiday season, come be a part of our Mission to Educate!

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