A well for the school!
Prajayatna has always believed that in a democratic process, there has to be an effective and fruitful engagement of the communities for building long lasting, effective and sturdy institutions. While this process is tedious and slow, once it can be kick started it has the potential of awakening the people and bringing about long term change.
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Seekho Sikhaao, Jharkhand
These are activity based, fun-filled programs conducted by the ECVs in their schools with the help of Prajayatna which aim at bringing the students, teachers, parents and community members together and helping them in interacting with each other besides giving the parents an opportunity to work with children.
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Parents and Teachers involved in activities during Seekho Sikhao
Education Change Vectors Training, Jharkhand
A three-day long residential training was given to 39 members of 17 different Village Organizations in Gumla, Jharkhand from February 15th to 17th.
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Community meetings in Gumla, Jharkhand
Communities are being engaged through Shikshana Gram Sabhas in Raidih. Shikshana Gram Sabha is a community process conducted at school/village level in which community level stakeholders come together and discuss school related issues.
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Work in Dumka
Prajayatna has started working in Shikaripara block of Dumka district of Jharkhand from January, 2018 in association with PRADAN on the same lines as that in Gumla. The last quarter has been spent mostly in understanding the situation of primary education in the block along with getting acquainted with the different structures of both the education system and in the villages.
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Anganwadi teachers Collective Meetings
The teachers in the circles have obtained a fair understanding of conducting learning activities as per the concept-based curriculum set by the DWCD and are making effort to implement the plan prepared in the collective meetings.
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Teachers Collective Meetings - Karnataka
Four teachers collective have been conducted in the January to March period in the working clusters. These collectives have enabled the teachers in identifying concepts for their schools and in making a detailed plan considering context of their classroom environment.
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A dialogue on ECCE with different stakeholders in Karnataka
ECCE during the 'Education Summit' in Hubli
The 'Education Summit', hosted by Deshpande Foundation, on January 24th , brought together many stakeholders, mainly teachers, anganwadi teachers, parents, SDMC members, volunteers, partner organisations in the field of education and personnel from the departments, mainly from the northern districts of Karnataka.
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Felicitation of two anganwadi teachers - Ms. Nirmala and Ms. Anusuya of Dharwad Block
Anganwadi level Parents meeting in Karnataka
Five parent's meetings in Dharwad and 10 meetings in Bangalore Urban districts have been conducted in different anganwadi centers focusing on enhancing community participation in them. The parents were encouraged to become active participants of their child's learning at home by speaking to the child more often and also by introducing the objects used daily in their homes so that the child would start making sense of the world around.
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Community Meetings - Uttar Pradesh
Prajayatna conducted 75 meetings with the Gram Panchayats and community at various levels in Chitrakoot and Bahraich districts during January-March quarter. 2346 people - including parents, teachers, panchayat members and department representatives - participated in these meetings. Issues like lack / poor condition of physical infrastructure, enrollment and retention of children in schools were raised and discussed in these meetings.
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Making Education Inclusive - Work with Children with Disabilities
Prajayatna identified 141 children with disabilities in Bahraich through its field processes and community meetings.
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DM visiting the stall of Prajayatna in the exhibition by DIET, Chitrakoot
Teacher Collectives - Uttar Pradesh
An education fair was organised by the District Institute of Educational and Training (DIET), Chitrakoot. Prajayatna was invited to put up a stall. All the materials were displayed in the stall put up by Prajayatna. The day saw a lot of visitors to the stall and a lot of interest evinced in the work of Prajayatna. The District Magistrate, the Chief Guest, alongwith other functionaries from DIET, visited the stall and spent time in understanding the learning approach of Prajayatna.
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About Prajayatna
Prajayatna works with all stakeholders to improve the quality of education and ensure that every child to have access to an education that will develop the capabilities that is inherent in them and to enable them to thrive and live with dignity. Focus is on working with all stakeholders in creating well governed and well run Government Schools and Anganwadis and in ensuring delivery of a capability based learning for children through these institutions.
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