Empowering Early Childhood Education :

Awareness Campaign - Bridging the Gap
Understanding the challenges faced by some families in sending their children to Anganwadis, Prajayatna conducted home visits to the communities in Bengaluru near our project area in Yelahanka. These communities mainly consist of migrants and marginalized families engaged in various professions such as factory workers, daily wage laborers, bricklayers, and waste pickers. During these visits, Prajayatna identified common reasons as to why children were not being sent to Anganwadis, such as lack of awareness, distance, sibling care responsibilities, language barriers, and logistical constraints. Our team engaged with parents and children, raising awareness about the benefits of early childhood education and finding solutions to address their concerns.

Anganwadi Reopening and Enrolment Campaign - Empowering Families

As the Anganwadis reopened, enrollment awareness campaigns were organized in Yelahanka. Anganwadi teachers, together with Department officers, parents, and the Prajayatna team, walked through the local communities, advocating for the importance of Anganwadi services and early education. Our efforts resonated with families from low-income backgrounds, such as construction workers, as they recognized the significance of education and agreed to send their children to the Anganwadi. Prajayatna hopes to see an increase in enrollment and create a brighter future for these children through early education.

Fact - The Power of Early Childhood Education
Investing in early childhood education yields greater returns than investment in any other stage of children’s education. By focusing on the early years, we lay a strong foundation for a child's future success, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Parent-Teacher and Community Meetings - Fostering Collaboration

At our Anganwadis, enthusiastic parents and stakeholders, including BVS members, actively participate in ongoing community meetings. These meetings serve as a platform to discuss and address Anganwadi-related issues, promoting the center's efficient functioning. By emphasizing the value of early education, parents are encouraged to be active in the learning process, both at the Anganwadi and at home. These collaborative efforts are instrumental in creating a supportive environment for the holistic development of children.

UPDATES FROM YADGIR DISTRICT : Strengthening government schools

Reaching Out to Parents and Communities

Meetings with SDMC and Parents: Prajayatna organized meetings involving teachers, SDMC members, and parents. During these sessions, we distributed work volumes/files to children and visited the homes of absent children, aiming to encourage regular school attendance.

A total of 6 meetings were conducted, reaching out to 182 parents.

Planning Meetings at School Level:
Headteachers and assistant teachers from 9 schools held meetings to plan and implement effective academic activities for the year 2023-24. These discussions also included strategies for enrollment drives, ensuring regular attendance, and utilizing learning tools effectively.

A total of 68 headteachers and assistant teachers participated in these meetings.

World Environment Day Celebration:

In collaboration with the Public Education Department, Yadgiri World Environment Day was celebrated at the Jinakera Government Model Primary School. During the event, children were enrolled in 1st standard, and saplings were planted in their names, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

A total of 218 participants, including children and community members, took part in the celebration.

In this initiative, numerous stakeholders, including DIET Principal, Cluster Resource Persons, School Head Teachers, SDMC Committee Members, and community members, participated. 46 children were successfully enrolled in 1st standard and the regular attendance of 36 previously absent children was ensured. Additionally, one student was enrolled in 2nd standard. The "Qualitative Learning Programme" learning materials and stationery were distributed to the children, and the program witnessed participation from 1633 individuals.

Enrolment Campaign - A Step Towards Inclusive Education

In collaboration with the Yadgiri Public Education Department, Prajayatna successfully conducted enrolment campaigns in many schools in Kandakoor and Arikera, Yadgiri taluk. The campaign was held in all the 8 GLPS, 1 GMPS, 12 GHPS schools. The "Quality Learning Programme-Kalikayatna'' was implemented with the goal of enhancing the learning competencies of the children, empowering teachers as facilitators, ensuring effective monitoring and mentoring, and engaging various stakeholders of the Gram Panchayat, School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC), and the community in the learning process of children and effective governance of the schools.


SMC Training - Strengthening Education through Community Engagement

Prajayatna organized training sessions for School Management Committee (SMC) members in the districts of Bahraich and Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. The SMCs play a vital role in ensuring accountability in India's education systems. Comprising local authority representatives, parents or guardians of students, and school staff, the SMCs focus on the proper management of schools. They monitor school performance, oversee finance and management, and design school development plans.

With 516 participants attending the 11 SMC training sessions, we witnessed first hand the dedication and enthusiasm of the community in contributing to the betterment of the schools. These training sessions are crucial in enabling SMC members to effectively fulfill their responsibilities, ensuring the smooth functioning of educational institutions.

Did You Know? Parental Involvement - A Key to Better Learning Outcomes

75% of SMC members should be parents, emphasizing the significance of parental involvement in the education system. Studies have consistently shown that parental engagement directly correlates with improved learning outcomes for students and overall school development. Prajayatna encourages and supports parental involvement, acknowledging its positive impact on children's education.

Distribution of Learning Materials - Empowering Young Minds

Prajayatna distributed Learning kits to primary schools in Chitrakoot and Bahraich districts. These kits contain Hindi and English alphabet flash cards, number comprehension counting flashcards, picture cards, sight words, and more, making learning a fun and engaging experience for children. These tactile learning materials have proven to be inclusive and effective in improving learning outcomes for all children. Flashcards, for instance, help children learn new vocabulary, enhance reading skills, and develop cognitive and reasoning abilities.

Individual Education Plans (IEP) - Enabling Inclusive Education

In pursuit of creating an inclusive educational program, our team worked closely with parents in developing Individual Education Plans (IEP) for children with disabilities in government schools. So far, Prajayatna has successfully created IEPs for 216 children in Bahraich and Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh.

The IEPs are customized plans designed to provide specialized instruction and related services, ensuring that every child, depending on the levels and needs, can thrive in their educational journey. At Prajayatna, we believe that every child deserves access to quality education and are committed to breaking barriers and creating an inclusive environment for all.

Summer Camp - Fostering Creativity and Love for Learning

During the school holidays, summer camps were organized to engage children and foster a love for learning. The camps were filled with exciting activities such as drawing, playing sports, games, storytelling, reciting poems, and exploring basic math concepts. Witnessing the energy and enthusiasm of 146 children who actively participated in the camp was truly heartwarming.

Furthermore, our summer camps were inclusive, ensuring that children with disabilities also had the opportunity to participate and enjoy the various activities.

TLM Training - Equipping Anganwadi Workers

Teaching learning materials were provided to the Anganwadis by the Department of Women and Child Development. Since this was not followed by any training, the teachers did not know how to utilize the materials and they were kept away. Prajayatna collaborated with the Department of Women and Child Development and conducted successful training sessions on the utilization of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) for Model Anganwadi teachers and all supervisors in Chitrakoot district and all anganwadi workers and supervisors of Jarwal Block of Bahraich District. They would in turn train the other anganwadi teachers in the district. The objective was to enhance the understanding of early childhood development and the use of TLM materials, including creating TLM from local resources.

With 8 TLM workshops attended by 343 participants, Prajayatna aims to provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience for children aged 3-6 years, setting the foundation for a bright future.

Inspiring stories

Breaking Barriers: How Inclusive Education Transformed Roshan’s Life

Roshan, a fourth-grade student, from Motnalli tanda, faced numerous challenges in his early years, he has an intellectual disability. Growing up under the care of his grandparents, his intellectual disability caused speech impediments and as a result he could not understand people around him. He also exhibited disruptive behaviors such as anger outbursts, and isolating from others, making it difficult for him to connect with his community and participate in regular schooling.

Observing this, teachers Mr. Manjunath and Mr. Baramappara, along with Prajayatna facilitators intervened and made efforts to help improve his behaviour. First they identified his unique needs and challenges, which helped plan appropriate learning activities. Roshan was encouraged to participate in the various learning activities during class hours such as group discussions, presentations.This personalized approach allowed Roshan to freely express his ideas, opinions, and thoughts, fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging. Through consistent encouragement, Roshan started to actively participate in the classroom learning process. Gradually he overcame his previous obstacles and began answering simple questions, confidently started sharing his experiences with his classmates and teachers.Once known for his anger and aggression, Roshan now exhibits a polite and loving demeanor toward everyone at school.

Prajayatna remains committed to creating an inclusive learner-centric ecosystem, where every child can thrive and lead a quality life. Through innovative pedagogic strategies and processes, we will continue to empower children like Roshan and enable them to embrace their unique abilities and overcome their challenges.

Surekha’s Journey: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Education 

Surekha, is a 11-year-old girl from Magdampur Tanda, a small village in Yadgiri District. Surekha’s parents, Shankar and Devibai, are hardworking labourers who migrate to Maharashtra for employment for most of the year.

Surekha used to face disruptions in her studies due to the family’s migratory lifestyle, especially during the rainy season. However, the intervention of Prajayatna brought a ray of hope into her life. Prajayatna facilitator, along with Mr. Virendra, the headmaster of the Government Higher Primary School, visited Surekha’s home and proposed a solution to ensure her uninterrupted education. It was agreed that Surekha would stay in the Tanda (hamlet) with her grandmother, while her parents continued their labour work in Maharashtra. Prajayatna promised to provide all the necessary support and facilities for Surekha’s studies.

Some changes observed include : Surekha started attending school diligently, without missing a single day. She actively engaged in her studies, constructing her own sentences and reading fluently and also developed a strong grasp of mathematical concepts. Her confidence grew as she actively participated in various school events. Witnessing their child’s academic progress, Shankar and Devibai made the courageous decision to discontinue their migration and focus on supporting their children’s education. They now engage in labour work in Tanda and actively participate in their children’s learning journey. The family has created a supportive environment at home, with regular discussions about their children’s education and dedicated time for learning activities.

TCS Marathon - Running for a Cause

In the month of May Prajayatna participated in the TCS10k marathon, and it was a wonderful experience for our team. Prajayatna extends our sincere gratitude to our partner, Sprinklr, for partnering with us. The event provided us with an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and funds for our cause, promoting the importance of education and inclusion in society.

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Our strength lies in our ever-growing supporter base --- volunteers, donors, the communities and different stakeholders that we work with and together we can do so much more in championing our cause. If you’re equally passionate as us and want to be a part of our journey, spread the word about Prajayatna with your friends, and relations and subscribe to our newsletter and social media channels.

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