‘Learning’, has been variously understood by human society in various contexts.

Is it to do with skill training? Is it to do with conceptual understanding? Is it to do with qualifying for jobs?

Or is there a far deeper subtle aspect to it, an aspect which actually can redefine the way the world and its numerous problems are presently structured? Can learning enable the redressing of imbalances? Can it go beyond mere knowledge and skills and touch a depth of understanding that goes beyond the obvious. Can it enable any child to explore this understanding and nurture its abilities and potential to the fullest? Where can it bring about a bridge in the apparent contradictions of the world?

Given this understanding,

  • Do schools actually support learning? Do we really need schools?
  • Or, do they contribute towards inhibiting curiosity and innate abilities found in all children, so necessary to build anything?

These were our primary concerns when we started our work on learning.

As we attempt to find solutions towards improving learning in schools we continue to learn and redefine our approaches towards learning.

Our Work