Prajayatna's work on improving the State-run Anganwadis has primarily focused on facilitating stakeholder involvement and on institutionalizing these initiatives through our work with community-based and constitutionally recognized structures and on building the capabilities of the teachers, thereby ensuring that the Anganwadis become dynamic centres for the overall development of the child.

The key objectives with which these interventions have been initiated are:

  • To bring a focus on early childhood needs, especially in the areas of learning and health and enhance the capabilities of children in all domains of development.
  • Develop the capability of key functionaries such as the teachers and supervisors.
  • Enhance the responsibility of the community by building the capabilities of the Anganwadi Level Monitoring and Support Committee / Bal Vikas Committees (parents committee) and the Panchayat Raj Institutions to take increased responsibility for the development of the Anganwadis

With the focus on ensuring a child-centric learning process in the Anganwadi centre, various processes are redefined to ensure children’s learning. They are:


The concepts from the department curriculum are considered as the base to facilitate children's learning to achieve age-appropriate developmental stages with the required abilities and skills.


Teacher familiarizes the children through activities such as stories, rhymes, sensorial stimulatory activities and hands-on activities in connection with the concept and towards enabling children to learn.


The learning level of each child is mapped, which in turn helps the teachers and the parents to support the learning of the child, through an array of group and individual activities.


Language and numeracy skills are practised here accordingly, which in turn prepares them for school.

The progress of the children is tracked and the progress is documented and consolidated every six months which gives the profile of the child.


All this is done through monthly collectives which are conducted with the Anganwadi teachers and assistant teachers which enables them to understand the children and form innovative and creative ways of learning for the children:


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