A three-day long residential training was given to 39 members of 17 different Village Organizations in Gumla, Jharkhand from February 15th to 17th. It focused on creating understanding of:

  • Role of education in enabling a better individual life and in creating better society.
  • The basic structure of the Government Education Department.
  • The issues facing the government schools in the Raidih block of the district.

The training aimed at enabling them to initiate programs in villages for bringing different stakeholders in education together so that they together create a better learning environment not only in schools but also in the villages.

During the training, the participants were introduced to the relevant provisions of the Right to Education Act, methods of formation of SMCs, its responsibilities and functions and basic structure of the government Education Department. The activities and discussions led to an understanding of the issues facing the government schools and a resolve to work for their overall betterment for the benefit of the community.

After this, a two-day long residential training was conducted on 18th and 19th of February for the ECVs trained earlier. This was their second round of training and it gave them a platform to share their experiences and challenges from the field, their hopes and aspirations, besides how they can build upon the work already done by them.

Following points emerged from this process:  

  • Support of male community members is a must for the development of schools.
  • Teacher vacancy in schools has to end for schools to impart quality education.
  • Education has to become a serious point of discussion in monthly VO meetings.
  • ECVs felt that they need regular trainings for upgrading their skills and knowing recent developments in the field of education.
  • They said that SMCs are still not active in most of the schools as the community members are still not fully aware about their significance.

After this, Prajayatna facilitator discussed with them the importance of School Development Plan and how an ideal SDP has to be made. The idea was to take the ECVs to the next level and equip them to ensure that proper SDPs are being made in the schools. The didis also shared their plans for the next quarter:

  • Completing the plans made in November if they are still incomplete.
  • Intensifying their engagement with schools.
  • Ensuring 100% enrolment process so that no child gets left out of school.
  • Ensuring regular and proper SMC meetings.

15 ECV didis and 4 cluster representative didis participated in this training.