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G1EVSLO1. Name family members and identify relations in family
G1EVSLO2. Identify needs of a family – shelter, food, clothing, etc
G1.EVSLO3. Name and identify local festivals, events and fairs. 
G1EVSLO4. Name and identify different occupations and professions around 
G1EVSLO5. Name different food items used in day to day life 
G1EVSLO6. Identify things required for cooking – fuel, vegetables, spices, oil, etc
G1EVSLO7. Name and identify animals, birds and insects that we see around 
G1EVSLO8. Identify features of Birds (feathers, voice, color, etc)
G1EVSLO9. Identify features of animals (Skin, colour, voice, body, etc) 

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