21 Village Organization (of the Self Help Groups) meetings have been held in Shikaripada. These meetings serve as a platform for Prajayatna for introducing itself to these organizations and build a relationship with the didis in order to start working with the SHGs and local communities for the betterment of schools. These 13 VOs have a total of 256 SHGs as their members. Out of these, 147 SHGs were oriented through these meetings which saw a total participation of 466 didis. Idea of community ownership of government schools for solving school issues and importance of SMCs were introduced to the participants in these meetings.

Communities are being engaged through Shikshan Gram Sabhas and

Gram Panchayat Network Meetings in Raidih and Shikaripada.

Shikshan Gram Sabha is a community process conducted at school/village level in which community level stakeholders come together and discuss school-related issues. School related information is shared by the Prajayatna facilitator in the meeting. This enables the local community in participating in the discussion about the school. During these discussions, school issues are identified and responsibility to get them fixed is given to one or more individuals who assure that the issues will be resolved in a certain time frame. 46 such meetings were held in both Raidih and Shikaripara, in which a total of 1442 people participated.

Some of the issues that were raised in these meetings were concerned with children dropping out of schools, children not coming to schools regularly, the problem of non-availability of drinking water and problem of lack of electrification in schools.