Kalikayatna or Quality Learning Initiative approach currently being implemented in four clusters in Karnataka covering 47 schools, 3567 children, 112 teachers. and two clusters in Uttar Pradesh covering 75 schools, 6353 children, 231 teachers.

Till date, Kalikayatna has reached out to 171 schools, 428 teachers and 12905 children in total

Early Child Care and Education approach of Prajayatna is currently in implementation in Dharwad district covering two circles, 59 anganwadis, 1674 children and 59 teachers and in Bangalore Urban district covering two circles 52 anganwadis, 1250 children and 52 teachers.

Till date, 1305 Anganwadi centres and 16800 children have been reached through the Early Childhood Care and Education programme.

The Governance approach is being implemented in Chitrakoot and Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh state covering 4825 (Bahracih 3409, Chitrakoot 1416) schools and 3485 (Bahracih 2886, Chitrakoot 959) angawadis. And Gumla and Dumka district of Jharkhand covering 423 (Gumla 131, Dumka 292) schools 35 (Gumla 13, Dumka 22) Gram Panchayats.

Till date, Prajayatna has worked in 304 blocks across 6 State of India reaching out to 4639 Gram Panchayats covering 25250 schools and 12 lakhs of children through various direct and indirect interventions to improve the governance of these schools