These teacher collectives are meetings organized with the teachers of 75 selected government schools in Chitrakoot and Bahraich for the learning initiative – Kalikayatna, and include components and content that can enable them in supporting the learning of all children in an effective manner. Space is created in these collectives wherein the teachers collaboratively engage in a process towards understanding how their students learn. They engage directly in the planning and reflection on curricular learning experiences for their students and based on their experiences, they develop ways to facilitate a concept better, address the challenges that they face in their specific learning environments, review and adapt learning plans and generate feedback for improving the practices of the Kalikayatna approach.

Seven teacher collectives have been organized in the period October to December 2017 in Chitrakoot and Bahraich districts of Uttar Pradesh under the guidance of Mrs Gayatri Kiran from Spastic Society of India. The teachers reflected on their experiences in the classrooms of the previous month and discussed ways of overcoming challenges which they faced. A total of 107 individual teacher participations were recorded in these collectives.