The Education Change Vectors since the training have started engaging with the community and the teachers of the schools in their villages in Raidih. As a part of the attempt to bring the community and the teachers on a common platform so that distance in between them can melt and they can start working more closely with each other by understanding their respective perspectives, the Vector didis have started organizing Sikho-Sikhaao events in the villages with the help and support of Prajayatna.

A total of six such events have been held during the months of November and December, in which a total of 395 people – including children, parents, teachers and community members – participated.

These events are held outside in the schools in the open and create a platform in which children, their parents, teachers and other community members work closely with each other. This is a first of its kind event happening in the government schools of Raidih as there are very rare occasions where the community connects with the school. The programs are not only giving an opportunity to the community members to work with the teachers but in a lot of many cases, even the parents are working closely for the first time with their children in any kind of academic activity.