During the October-December quarter, 2017, Prajayatna conducted 185 meetings with the SMC and community at various levels in Chitrakoot and Bahraich districts of Uttar Pradesh. A total of 8992 people – including parents, teachers, panchayat members and department representatives – participated in these meetings.

A number of issues – including lack of physical infrastructure in schools – are raised and discussed in these meetings which are solved with the help of Gram Panchayats later on. The following infrastructure build-up has happened in the schools in two districts of UP over the last few months:

  • 36 toilets have been repaired
  • 2 new toilets have been constructed
  • 15 re-boring done for tackling the issue of unavailability of drinking water
  • 33 room floor repair work has been done in rooms and verandas of schools
  • Boundary walls have been constructed in 20 schools
  • The boundary wall has been repaired in 1 school
  • Approach roads to 4 schools have been built
  • An Anganwadi centre has got a new room been built for it
  • Playground maintenance work has been done in 8 schools
  • School gates have been put in place in 7 schools
  • Kitchen has been repaired in 1 school
  • New ramps have been constructed for the benefit of children with disability in 5 schools
  • Electricity connections have been established in 2 schools
  • New play materials have been purchased in 1 school

From our conversations with the members of the panchayats who have got these work done, we have come to know that an amount of Rs. 35,00,800 has been spent on the build-up/repair of these school infrastructure. This figure is just an estimate and is not based on the full-proof information.