2 teachers’ collectives, 18 parents meeting and 4 Bal Vikas Samiti meetings have been conducted in Dharwad in the quarter October to December 2017. Besides these, 42 Center observation processes have also been conducted.

The key objective of the collectives in the quarter was to strengthen teachers’ capability in terms of understanding age-appropriate needs of children between 3-6 years of age and how to group them based on their level of capabilities so it becomes easy for them to learn in the classrooms.

Parents meeting were conducted with the objective of connecting the parents with the Anganwadis and increase their involvement in them. Significant impacts have been as an outcome of these meetings. For example, in Amminabhavi centre 10 centre premises have been cleared and ground has been levelled in order to enable children to play without any hindrances. 

BVS meetings have been held during this quarter in which focus was on strengthening the BVS committees with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities. During these meetings, the other issues of the centre also have come up for discussion and have been resolved. For example, in Kotabagi centre wild bush that had grown in the premises were removed after this meeting.

In the 42 centre observation processes, the focus has been on providing onsite support to the teachers for appropriate arrangement of tools, materials, records and groceries so that the space of the centre can be used to its optimum level for conducting learning activities efficiently.

As consequence of above-mentioned meetings and processes, some significant impacts are visible in many Anganwadi centres in the form of an increase in community participation, enrolment and attendance of children and enhance in the ability of teachers to plan and implement learning abilities.