During the October-December quarter, 2017, Prajayatna conducted community meetings in 42 anganwadi centers of Wanaparthy. The meetings were facilitated with an objective to enable the community to think collectively and plan for the development of the Centre by creating a Centre Level Action Plan. Information regarding various schemes and programs being implemented through these centers was provided to the participants so as to make them aware of them. A total of 1143 people – including parents, teachers, anganwadi representatives, panchayat members and department representatives – participated in these meetings.

As an example, during the meeting held at Palem anganwadi center, issues such as toilets not functioning due to lack of water, repairing of electricity connection and need for procuring plates for children were raised. While the Gram Panchayat president took the responsibility for getting water connection to the center, local youth group members took the responsibility of getting the electricity connection repaired. The youth leader of the area took the responsibility of getting the plates for the centre.

Through community’s participation in these meetings, Anganwadi Level Monitoring and Support Committee, the body that is responsible for proper management and upkeep of these centers, has been formed in 10 anganwadi centers.