Five Anganwadi Teacher Orientations were held in 5 Mandals of the district from 23rd to 25th of October. During these, issues regarding development of children and the role of Anganwadi teachers and community members in their development were discussed.

Emphasis was laid on the significance of ECCE, roles of Anganwadi teachers and community members in the running of these centres and skills and abilities required for the same in these orientations.

The teachers were divided into groups and were asked to think over the question: Why do we need an Anganwadi/ Preschool Education? The insights that emerged from these discussions were that an Anganwadi is required for emotional, social, physical, cognitive and language-related developments of the children.

Matters related to issues such as Enhancing Children Capability, Community Strengthening, Teacher Empowerment and Learning Process of Children were also discussed.

A total of 149 members participated in these orientations during which Mandal Education Officers and Mandal Parishad Development Officers expressed the need for more such orientations.